learning portfolio 4 – Q3


  • Contact information – for some websites a phone number or physical address are unnecessary, but an email and some sort of short biography about the site administrator are a good idea
  • Advertising – are there pop-up ads? The use of targeted ads, using information collected about you makes websites seem intrusive and untrustworthy
  • Communication with users – how quickly does the website respond to enquiries and are those responses professionally worded and presented? Do users receive updates if they have subscribed or bought something?
  • Content – how much content is presented, how recent is it, how relevant is it? Outdated content signifies a lack of interest or dedication on the part of the site creators
  • Grammar and spelling – is the site well written using good grammar and correct spelling? Poorly written websites come across as unprofessional, and potentially run by scammers
  • Links – do any links to external websites work? Are the links provided to credible, good quality websites?
  • Site functioning – does the site work? Are there bugs? Are there broken links and parts of the site you can’t access?
  • FAQ – if there is an FAQ does it address the major questions, and is it easy to ask a different question? Lack of ability to enquire suggests a lack of trustworthiness

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